My name is Branton. I can write and sing and that's about it.


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My absence has been long but not without reason. I have written so much stuff these last few months. Here’s a little demonstration

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God I forgot how beautiful your voice is. Keep positive and keep singing.

Hey thanks! Today I got that rush again; the one singing used to give me. Its literally been years since I’ve felt like this. I’m not letting y’all down this time.

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guess who decided to start recording again?

I’ve consumed a huuuuge amount of art this last year. ready to return the energy to you, the internet, and the world


Bon Iver - Towers [Naked Mix]

I made an alternate mix of this song. It’s more guitar and vocal focused. If you like Bonny Bear check it out.

Though I didn’t really do much here, I’m really proud of this

coming of age

2008: video games

2009: inspired by video games + Beatles to learn piano

2010: writing, learn guitar & bass

2011: writing, writing, learn banjo

2012: writing, writing, writing, learn mandolin

2013: writing, writing, writing, writing, get ideas for books

2014: video games